the last of november

I forgot my camera.
But I am told that the best camera is the one you have with you. And I had my phone with me, so I snapped a few pictures on my reliable iPhone.

We went to the beach this past week. I love the ocean, my mom said that when I was around a year old she had to put one of those terrible child leashes on me so I wouldn’t run full speed into the surf. I had a track record of doing that.
But now the ocean is more of a soul restoring, perspective putting, place to be.
I saw one of those pictures with some clever saying on it. And I whole heartedly agree:

“most everything can be fixed with salt water.
And the ocean”

Cheers for now,




the geiger family in north dakota

I visited north dakota last week to see my wonderful friend, while I was there we did some pictures. I love the farm life-style feeling of these pictures. Quite wonderful.

Oh, and sorry that my blog had looked like a 13 year old has been coding it. I am working on it. Almost done, somethings have yet to be done. At the moment I feel like throwing my computer out my window, and cursing CSS coding to the wind. Why is it necessary to have coding? Why can’t we all just talk on normal english?!

Any way…

Happy Thanksgiving week!!!