recipe: croissants

Oh croissants, one of God’s greatest gifts to mankind.

This is my third, or fourth time making croissants, and each time they get better and better. I am no where near a well made bakery croissant, but dang, these are good. I filled some with cheeses, others with chocolate (highly recomended) and just left some plain. I love to do some ham and cheese when I have it on hand, what a perfect lunch.

I use Tartine’s recipe for croissants, you can find it here. Of course, who else would you bother following when it comes to pastry?

7 thoughts on “recipe: croissants

  1. I have been wondering for a while now how difficult it might be to make croissants myself at home… I’m so glad that you included step-by-step photos… they definitely make it seem a bit less complex. Thanks!

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