nutella banana crepe cake


I have talked about my obsession with Nutella and I have even posted a recipe for Nutella and Banana Crepes. It’s a bad high-calorie addiction, and it really should stop. But I don’t even try to stop, instead I come up with more ways to incorporate Nutella into my recipes.

I have also noticed that I haven’t posted about not sweets in a very, very long time. Maybe it has to do with my book, once I got on that roll I couldn’t stop. Whatever it may be, I think I am more of a baker then I thought.

But now to tend to this business of a CREPE CAKE?! Who does that? It has got to be one of the best inventions in culinary history. I am sure it was some French guy eating a crepe one day and thought to himself, “Crepes are what keep me sane, they are truly God’s gift to mankind. I should stack a bunch or crepes together and put some form on freaking amazing filling in between each one. That way we can consume more crepes at a faster rate.” Well, French Guy, let me tell you, you win! You are the most brilliant man in history.

And here is the recipe for the best idea for a crepe in history.

Being in Paris and getting crepes like this is what turned me onto crepes.

Crepe recipe adapted from this recipe.

4 eggs

2 cups milk

1 1/3 cups flour

1/2 cup milted butter + more for greasing the pan

1 1/2 cups nutella

2 bananas

Whisk everything together until completely smooth.

Heat a medium skillet over median-high heat, and melt a good amount of butter in the pan. Scoop about 1/3 cup of batter onto a fairly hot pan, swirl around the pan to get the batter spread all around the pan. (Don’t worry if your first crepe doesn’t turn out, first pancakes never d0.)

Continue to make the crepes until all the batter is gone.

Warm the Nutella until nearly pourable. Put a crepe on a plate or cake stand. Spoon about a tablespoon on top of the crepe, and spread it to the edges. Then put another crepe on top, and continue with the Nutella and crepes until all the crepes are used. Trim the edges of the cake if needed to be more uniform, and top with banana slices.

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