you must eat here: petit provence | alberta st. ne portland




A new series is here! So excited to share this with you guys! So here’s the plan, I want to write about my favorite spots to eat while I am  in Portland, as well as when I travel. I will be highlighting a new restaurant, bistro, cafe, or coffee shop once a month. I am so excited to photograph and write about my favorite spots to enjoy great food and coffee. Hope you are as excited as I am about this!

I met my siblings at the Alberta Barista location. We swung by Petit for a baguette for dinner, it was a quick in-and-out, but I wanted to linger and taste the insane looking pastries in the case. The cool thing about petit it that it has a formal restaurant, as well as the grab-and-go pastry and coffee bar. I was able to finally return to Petit for a real lunch, it didn’t disappoint. I was able to get a table quickly, and the food and service were both exceptional. Keep this in mind: French Onion Soup. done on a scale of 1-5, 1 being, “ok, I mean it’s fine.” 5 being, “Oh, wow. Just wow.”)

Name: Petit Provence | French Bistro & Bakery

Location: NE Alberta st, Portland, OR

What I ate: Monte cristo and French onion soup

Atmosphere: Chic

Bread rating: 3

Pastry rating: 3

Favorite things: I love the decor in this cafe, its so very chic, it reminds me of The Grand Cafe in Oxford.

Waiting for a table: I have been here when the wait has been a couple of hours, but this past Saturday, I got a table in 15 minutes. But, if you’re just wanting a pastry, you can always just grab and go from the pastry counter.

6 thoughts on “you must eat here: petit provence | alberta st. ne portland

  1. I love this place, too!! I visited a friend in Portland last year during my cross-country road trip. She lived a couple of blocks from Alberta Street–what a cool street!–and we walked to Petit Provence several times for breakfast and lunch. Loved the food and atmosphere!!

  2. Oh! This IS an exciting project! I love, love, love finding out about places to eat all over the world. And even if I’m unlikely to visit Portland soon, I’m still looking forward to reading about your favourite eateries! (If I may make a suggestion, don’t shy away form talking about the food – for those international readers who like to salivate into their keyboards for no particular reason.) Good luck, and bon appétit!

  3. Hey. I recently discovered your blog, since I also use the same “theme” in wordpress. I’ve been having a bit of trouble with it, especially in terms of size. I’ve noticed that you’ve brought the font down on yours. How did you do that? I really like the formatting this “theme” uses, but right now my font is too big/space apart for my food blog! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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