waffles two ways: seared plum waffles, with honey lemon butter & bacon and tomato waffles with chive butter

20000712-waffles two ways ii  20130712-IMG_4879

20130712-IMG_4880First off: BACON COOKED INTO A WAFFLE. Second: seared plumbs that is a good idea. Actually this post is full of good ideas.

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you all have weekend plans that involve coffee and carbs. I am headed into a work-filled weekend. But I have Monday off so it’s a trade off. I am starting to get into a grove at my new(ish) job. Being out of school for the summer helps. Late spring was crazy busy and it’s taken me weeks and weeks to actually feel like myself again. Grateful for a new season of life, just took time to realize that. Have a great weekend!

The Tart Tart (!!)

How to wrap a burrito 

Loving flavored water 

Chic-afied netted bags

Dainty cake flags (those would be an easy DIY)


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you must {drink} here: stirling proper I 21st Glisan st.


Stirling is currently my favorite coffee house. It’s a small little location — just 50 square feet. Chic to the max. Coffee house by day and wine bar by night. Stirling features chic little tables, classy music, white tablecloths, baristas in crisp shirts and ties, and fantastic coffee. Wearing a Burberry shirt and journaling while sipping on a espresso and mineral water is acceptable and encouraged.

(Ratings done on a scale of 1-5, 1 being, “ok, I mean it’s fine.” 5 being, “oh, wow. Just wow.”)

Name: Stirling Proper

Location: NW Glisan

What I have: Cappuccino

Atmosphere: Chic, crisp

Pastry rating: 4

Food rating: 3

Coffee rating: 5

Favorite things: Decore, coffee, macaroons, staff.

Wait for a table: None.