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Salzburg was amazing. We arrived from large, and seemingly sterile Vienna with a sigh of relief for the small vintage feel of Salzburg. Cozy and woodsie, whittled away in the mountains, this was the perfect little town. I spent the days strolling from cafe to cafe and shopping for shoes and hats along the beautiful streets. Some of my favorite memories here made in Salzburg including, eating at the oldest resultant in Europe, and doing a diy Sound of Music tour (here are some pictures of that from my sister). I highly recommend Salzburg! Keep your eye out for some cafe recommendations from Salzburg coming in the next few months!

4 thoughts on “salzburg

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  2. I love this post’s photos!! So cool. You’re really good at the use of repetition. It can really capture attention, like the last one on the left, the repetition of bicycles is so cool, even though that’s not the focus of the photography. I adore the baby pictures as well, so dang cute. My favorite has got to be the photo of the side of the house with the mountains in the background. Simple beauty. Also, if you edit your own photos, you do a fantastic job!

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