goodies from europe giveaway!


Update: Especially Eli was the random winner of this giveaway! Thanks for everyone who entered! It was so fun to hear from all of you. I have some more giveaways in the making so stay tuned!

Guys! I brought you back something from my trip! Chocolate from Switzerland, a classic reindeer cookie cutter from Salzburg as well as a awesome giant wooden spoon from Austria! This is the first giveaway that I have done on the blog and I am so excited to share some sweet stuff from the places I visited.


Here are the details:

Includes, an awesome giant wooden spoon, reindeer cookie cutter (about 3 inches), and two dark chocolate (72% coco) bars!

To enter, just leave a comment! (Keeping it simple this first time around!) Deadline to enter is November 14th by 5pm Pacific time. Winner will be chosen by random.

So excited to share with you!



35 thoughts on “goodies from europe giveaway!

  1. Just recently found your blog and I’m really enjoying what you post! Austria is the top country on my list of places to visit. I’ve loved all your posts about it!

  2. A reindeer cookie appropriate for this time of year (almost) and the spoon and the chocolate. What could be better. Yum and YUM

  3. I hope I am able to win! I can make so many goodies with everything! The spoon is so beautiful! (and the cookie cutter is too cute!) >.<

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