you must eat here: cafe tomaselli alter markt 9. salzburg, austria

20131031-cafe tomiselli20131018-IMG_6043

This is one of those cafe’s that when you walk by you have to go into. Without knowing the historic value (founded in 1703, and Mozart was a common regular), the large duel level outdoor seating is beautiful –when accompanied by coffee  and cake it’s irresistible.

(Ratings done on a scale of 1-5, 1 being, “ok, I mean it’s fine.” 5 being, “oh, wow. Just wow.”)

NameCafe Tonaselli

Cost: $$$$$

Location: Alter Markt 9 -A-5020 Salzburg, Austria

What I have:  Viennese melange, and vanilla chocolate cake

Atmosphere: Kept the 1703 classic atmosphere

Food rating: 4

Favorite things: The Viennese melange and silver platters that the coffee is brought to you on.

Wait for a table: You may have to sulk around the edges of the cafe to wait until a table is free.


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