lemon bunt cake with blueberry streusel

Lemon Blurberry Crumble Cake-2

I’ve been into cake. What a thing to be into. Thank God for cake. The dense crumb offered by a simple cake is sometime more satisfying then a complex French dessert. This was inspired by a coffee shop that was recently found to be walking distance to where I live. They serve a over almond extract infused crumble cake. But even in it’s impurities its so satisfying. I came up with this lemon bunt version, mostly because I needed to use some lemons, and I never use my bunt pan. Careful with this, bake it until you think it’s on the verge of burning. It’s so thick and dense it takes a while to cook though.

Lemon Blurberry Crumble Cake

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the winter salad

The Winter Salad

I don’t post many salads, if you’ve been reading here a while, you know that. Normally I feel that salads aren’t deserving of a recipe. But this I need to share with you. It gives a wink to the gloomy time of year, but is shinning on the possibilities of the coming seasons. It’s light and refreshing, something that is hard to come by these January days.The Winter Salad-2

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nutella tuesday: 3 ingredient nutella mousse


Alright guys, here we are the second week into our Nutella Tuesday series. What do you all think? Are you liking this series? Today we have a Nutella mousse topped with cream –of course. Pretty wonderful, I mean it’s chocolate folded into whipped cream chilled and topped with more whipped cream. I love mousse, if I am ordering a dessert at a restaurant and there is a mousse on the menu, chances are I will order it. What is there not to love. Chocolate + cream. So please, partake, and make this Nutella recipe.









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personal nutella banana crumble


I am sure you all have made commitments to eat very well in this new year, well I am here to dash those plans with a new blog series: Nutella Tuesday!

You probably know about my Nutella obsession. I still remember the first day I had it, it was in Ireland, and my life was forever changed. That was right when Nutella was getting popular in the States, so when I got home it seemed like everywhere I looked there was Nutella everything. Not much has changed since then Nutella is still a top trending flavor, and well deserving.

I recently bought the official Nutella cookbook. I will be basing and adapting recipes from that book as well as other Nutella recipes, to bring a series Nutella Tuesdays! What do you think? Do you like that idea for a series?

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especially eli giveaway!

Giveaway at madeyedlinblog.com III


I am so excited about todays giveaway. My dear friends hand makes this beautiful jewelry, another one of those products that pictures never do it justice. She designed this necklace after my logo/header. I am totally in love with the result. And one very lucky reader gets to have this handmade copper necklace.

Thank you so much to Especially Eli for designing and making this. You are very talented. Now you all had better enter, because this is a very awesome giveaway.

The details:

Visit Especially Eli and leave a comment below to enter! A winner will be chosen at random, Thursday, Jan 9th at 5:00PM Pacific time.

The winner will receive this necklace, courtesy of Especially Eli.

Giveaway at madeyedlinblog.com

(Me trying to be awesome and show you the necklace. And failing. Really Madey, a bathroom mirror pic? Really?)





you must eat here: cafe sprüngli. bahnhofstrasse 2 zürich, switzerland

zurich1020131021-IMG_6094  20131021-IMG_6099

Honestly, this place is like the royalty of chocolate shops in Zurich. And it’s so expensive. I could only afford two truffles and a couple of dark chocolate bars to bring back to friends in the states. My sister and I had every intention of eating lunch in the Sprüngli cafe, but after looking over the menu, it was decided it was just too pricy. I’m sure the cafe is wonderful, but if your working on a little bit of a budget, just grab the best truffle you will ever have from the chocolate chop at Sprüngli.

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