a look at 2013, and looking at 2014

2013 in iPhone I2013 in iPhone II

2013 in iPhone III

I know the new year is all about looking forward to the fresh start of this year, but I like to step back and look at what happened this past year. Take account for what was accomplished this past year, so I can see what the goals are for 2014. Here it is, my year in a nut shell, the big and the small:

-Went to 3 countries, Uganda, Switzerland, and Austria

-Moved out of my parent’s house, though I still spend a ton of time there

-Got a job at a bakery

-Took a French class

-Went to the oldest restaurant in Europe

-Went to school full time

-Got a nephew

-Pretended to be a tourist in my own city with my best friend

-Ate more bread then ever before 

-Nannied for my nephew on our trip to Europe

-Took a painting class

-Worked, a lot

-Started wearing perfume 

2013 in iPhone IV

I don’t make resolutions. I do however believe in setting goals, big and small for the coming year. Some easily achievable, others may not happen, and that’s ok. These are my goals for 2014:

-Continue my education in French

-Blog even more


-Write more letters

-Eat more leafy greens

-Be more organized (and by that I mean start being a little organized)

-Pay attention to the details

-Spend this summer in a adventurous way

-Become a better photographer

-Wear more heels

-Take another trip, somewhere, anywhere


Let me say what a year this has been for the blog. I am continuously encouraged by my readership, and I love blogging for all of you. The blog has grown so much over this year, and I am so excited to keep it growing over this next year. Thank you, thank you, xoxoxo. Let 2014 be amazing and I hope that you grow as a person and achieve your goals!

One thought on “a look at 2013, and looking at 2014

  1. Your resolution to wear heels more is funny, i had just decided this past week that i didnt think I wanted to ever wear them again lol. Of course I will though, cant stay away from them forever.
    And I didn’t realize you painted! they look very good 🙂

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