thai coffee + 4th of july recipe roundup

20140630-IMG_7310thai coffee 20140630-IMG_7311thai coffee


Summer is in full swing people, so far summer has been wonderful, 3 day weekend filled with coffee shops and Paddington. The funniest thing about having him, is people think he’s fake! Sometimes people will come up to us and say that they thought he was a stuffed animal until he moved. Also did you see the┬átrailer for the new Paddington movie? The teaser trailer came out the day after I named the pup. Oh well, the name fits my little fluff to a tee.

Hope everyone is having an amazing summer as well! What are your plans for the 4th of July? Fireworks and a bbq?

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chocolate peanut butter cupcakes + a puppy

20140612-IMG_7253Choc. Peant Butter Cupcakes20140612-IMG_7260Choc. Peant Butter Cupcakes20140610-IMG_7190meet paddington! Our new goldendoodle mascot!_20140610-IMG_7198meet paddington! Our new goldendoodle mascot!_


I finished my last final last night. The instant relief is something that I will miss once I graduate, as hard as school is that feeling of summer officially being here is unparalleled. I do indeed, have some explaining to do for the reason of being absent, I tend to go on sabbaticals without any warning. But, schools is my priority, as much as I wish this blog could have my 100% attention.

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