There are a few strange ingredients I commonly use on this blog. I wanted to make a list of those semi-strange things I use here. Hope it’s helpful!

Quinua Patties (2 of 2)

1. Coconut oil. I use it as an all purpose oil, as well as shortening. It’s actually good for you.

2. Flour: Sometimes I use wholewheat flour, not all the time, when I do it’s normally wholewheat pastry flour. I grind it myself, from Bob’s Red Mill soft white wheat berries. When I use regular white flour (as I normally do) I use ether Bob’s Red Mill, or King Auther Flour.

3. Sugar. All my recipes are tested with evaporated cane juice. It’s just sugar cane that hasn’t been refined like normal sugar. Some alternatives I use: Agave, raw honey, maple syrup, date sugar, sugar in the raw,

4. This is what a real vanilla bean looks like.

5. I use kosher salt when I bake, and sea salt when I cook.

Well, that’s all for now.


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