baked bacon maple doughnuts

baked mayple bacon doughnuts madeyedlinblog.combaked mayple bacon doughnuts


I am kind of a newbie when it comes to that love of bacon that everyone has. I used to skip the bacon if it was an option at a meal. And I think I know why. Mom, I am sorry to say, but you burn your bacon to a point that is uneatable. You turn it to char, and it’s gross. Now that I can cook my own bacon, and it’s not charcoal, bacon is the best thing on the freaking planet. Sorry to disappoint you mom, but you really need to work on your bacon frying skills. So in celebration of my recent covert to the bacon side, let us top everything with bacon!

These little babies were inspired by a Bluestar doughnut that was brought to me by my awesome co-workers on my birthday. She actually brought a whole box to the shop during my shift, sweetest thing ever.

As far as doughnut pans go, I use this one.

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zesty little cranberry scones

Petit Zesty Cranberry Scones-2

Petit Zesty Cranberry Scones-3

Petit Zesty Cranberry Scones


What’s with scones? They’re freaking amazing, and addicting, and sometimes you just want a scone. I love this scone recipe, this is my standard when it comes to baking scones. I changed them up a little, added a little glaze, made them fancy. They’re so flaky, and flavorful. Butter flavor. And lemon flavor. And cranberry flavor. Nothing like those not-worth-the-claories scones you get at a coffee shop or grocery store.

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{baked} french breakfast doughnuts

Hello. I know it’s been weeks since I last blogged. And for that I’m sorry. I have been working and going to school, and as you can imagine, or know from experience, that takes up most of your waking hours. But, the other day I was able to have a little time to myself and make these bad boys. Yummy bad boys. Baked doughnuts with a cinnamon and sugar topping.

Please make these on a foggy morning and enjoy with a cup of coffee and thoughts on all things beautiful.

P.S. My other doughnut recipe

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peach raspberry squares

Morning, friends.

How are all of my lovely readers? Anything crazy happen recently? I have been running around like crazy, adjusting to a new lifestyle. Figuring out a new normal. And mostly living  out of my car. The classic college kid lifestyle going on over here.

But, I made these today. It was a great terrible decision. The pan is almost gone, they probably won’t last the evening. They feature a shortbread crust, moist berries and peaches, and finished with almost a custard top.

So indulge, and transition into new seasons.

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coffee picnic (w. yeasted coffee cake)

Why can’t coffee be a picnic? After all it is the best meal of the day. Pack a basket, and hit the hills with a yeasted coffee cake.



I just heard about yeasted cakes from SK, this is my first ever attempt with the concept. So far so good. I love the shape the bunt pan makes with this cake, it’s sturdy and would travel well.


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Portland: Macaron class on May 11th!

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