classic biscuits


These are a classic in my family. The card that is always pulled out of the recipe files when biscuits are needed to accompany a dinner. I think I started making these when I was around 10 when I started making these, I cannot believe I am just getting around to blogging them. They always turn out so fluffy and light. I made these for dinner at my parent’s house tonight, we just finished up eating them alongside a beef roast. I’m sitting on the floor of my parent’s kitchen listening to the quibble over the last of the biscuits. I think they have it sorted out now, the adults get two, the kids get one.

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no sugar added chocolate banana bread



I am contemplating weather or not to tell you the truth, do you want to know the truth about this banana bread? The thing about blogging is that you can lie with both your words, and your pictures. But, I am an honest kind of person, I will tell you the real story of this recipe. I forgot the sugar. It wasn’t intentional, I’m not on some health kick (at least, not at the moment). I wasn’t going to tell you, I was going to fake it, and make you think I am that cool, but it’s good to tell the truth and get that off my chest.

At least I remembered the flour. I make these kind of mistakes way too often, and why when I forget an ingredient is it something curtail like, flour, sugar, or baking powder?

But really, you won’t  miss the 1 cup of sugar that I was originally going to add to this bread. The bananas have enough sugar content to make up for it. I wish I had some Nutella to smear on a warm slice, luckily, I was out. Butter and honey is pretty wonderful as well.

Dark chocolate chunks are mixed into a moist crumbed bread. Warm with butter, or the next morning for breakfast with peanut butter is drool-worthy.

Some other banana recipes: Banana pots de creme, Nutella and banana crepe cake

If you must add sugar, add 1 cup in the banana/butter mixture, and increase the baking time 15 minutes. But don’t do it, it’s not worth it.

(I know, 2 banana posts in a week, get over it.)

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wholewheat date and carrot muffins

Carroy Date Muffins (1 of 1)

I just got Sara Forte’s cookbook, Sprouted Kitchen. As soon as I cracked the pages what should have been a feeling of inspiration, was instead a instant jealously. Those photos are suductivly perfect, and how the heck does she make wholesome food look like that?! And Oh! how I want my cookbook to be done!

Hugh Forte, the photographer behind the blog and the book is brilliant, he  has breathed a breath of fresh creative ideas into food styling and food photography. If you don’t follow the blog, start now, and if you don’t own the book, for goodness sake click the link to the Amazon page.

I am also unashamed to say, I absolutely have a couple-crush on them. I don’t know if I made that up, “couple-crush”, but they are so adorable. Go to her blog and look at pictures of the two of them, and you too will have a couple-crush. The Sprouted Kitchen blog has been such an inspiration to me over the last couple of years. I strive for the level of excellence they provide of their scrumptious blog, and  book.

Have a happy weekend! Here are a couple of food-related posts from around the web:

Loving The Flourishing Foodie’s blog

Just found out that Portland holds a food blogger conference in the summer. -So attending this summer!

Here is a guest blog post I wrote for The Nourishing Gourmet.

Just ordered this Wilton doughnut pan, BOOM!

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