Warm Sweet Potato & Apple Hash



I absolutely love cooking one pan hashes they mostly start the same, avocado or coconut oil and the addition of an onion and probably a sweet potato, then they grow from there. I have found it is one of the most effective ways of getting the most amount of vegetables on a plate. This particular version was inspired by my recent trip back home to Portland where I had a rib dish that was based on potato and apples, it was warm, sweet, and comforting.

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baked bacon maple doughnuts

baked mayple bacon doughnuts madeyedlinblog.combaked mayple bacon doughnuts madeyedlinblog.com-2


I am kind of a newbie when it comes to that love of bacon that everyone has. I used to skip the bacon if it was an option at a meal. And I think I know why. Mom, I am sorry to say, but you burn your bacon to a point that is uneatable. You turn it to char, and it’s gross. Now that I can cook my own bacon, and it’s not charcoal, bacon is the best thing on the freaking planet. Sorry to disappoint you mom, but you really need to work on your bacon frying skills. So in celebration of my recent covert to the bacon side, let us top everything with bacon!

These little babies were inspired by a Bluestar doughnut that was brought to me by my awesome co-workers on my birthday. She actually brought a whole box to the shop during my shift, sweetest thing ever.

As far as doughnut pans go, I use this one.

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dandelion fritters

dandelion fritters madeyedlinblog.comdandelion fritters madeyedlinblog.com-3

I love wild things. With things that pop up in the front yard, wild people that chase their dreams, and  wild children with wild hair. It’s spring and the wild things seem to be everywhere, and it renews the wildness that lives inside of me that I was never able to put out. Something about that fresh spring breeze that is wafting in though the slider door as I do my math homework. It’s melting that darkness of winter from life. I am so desperately ready for long summer days, and warm nights to live the adventures of my 20th year in.

Did I mention that? I had my 20th birthday a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t end up posting a cake recipe, because we ended up celebrating with a store-bought chocolate beaut that did the job nicely. It was a simple celebration with the best people. I have been contemplating what this year needs to look like, I have a foggy idea, but then again I have no idea. Everything seems so temporary, and easily changed. I love that.

To celebrate the change of season, wild things, and the beauty of temporariness, make dandelion fritters, they are a nice change from the normal pancake/fritters in your life. (You could totally make these bigger and serve them as pancakes)

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zesty little cranberry scones

Petit Zesty Cranberry Scones-2

Petit Zesty Cranberry Scones-3

Petit Zesty Cranberry Scones


What’s with scones? They’re freaking amazing, and addicting, and sometimes you just want a scone. I love this scone recipe, this is my standard when it comes to baking scones. I changed them up a little, added a little glaze, made them fancy. They’re so flaky, and flavorful. Butter flavor. And lemon flavor. And cranberry flavor. Nothing like those not-worth-the-claories scones you get at a coffee shop or grocery store.

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waffles two ways: seared plum waffles, with honey lemon butter & bacon and tomato waffles with chive butter

20000712-waffles two ways ii  20130712-IMG_4879

20130712-IMG_4880First off: BACON COOKED INTO A WAFFLE. Second: seared plumbs that is a good idea. Actually this post is full of good ideas.

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you all have weekend plans that involve coffee and carbs. I am headed into a work-filled weekend. But I have Monday off so it’s a trade off. I am starting to get into a grove at my new(ish) job. Being out of school for the summer helps. Late spring was crazy busy and it’s taken me weeks and weeks to actually feel like myself again. Grateful for a new season of life, just took time to realize that. Have a great weekend!

The Tart Tart (!!)

How to wrap a burrito 

Loving flavored water 

Chic-afied netted bags

Dainty cake flags (those would be an easy DIY)


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{baked} french breakfast doughnuts


Hello. I know it’s been weeks since I last blogged. And for that I’m sorry. I have been working and going to school, and as you can imagine, or know from experience, that takes up most of your waking hours. But, the other day I was able to have a little time to myself and make these bad boys. Yummy bad boys. Baked doughnuts with a cinnamon and sugar topping.

Please make these on a foggy morning and enjoy with a cup of coffee and thoughts on all things beautiful.




P.S. My other doughnut recipe

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no sugar added chocolate banana bread



I am contemplating weather or not to tell you the truth, do you want to know the truth about this banana bread? The thing about blogging is that you can lie with both your words, and your pictures. But, I am an honest kind of person, I will tell you the real story of this recipe. I forgot the sugar. It wasn’t intentional, I’m not on some health kick (at least, not at the moment). I wasn’t going to tell you, I was going to fake it, and make you think I am that cool, but it’s good to tell the truth and get that off my chest.

At least I remembered the flour. I make these kind of mistakes way too often, and why when I forget an ingredient is it something curtail like, flour, sugar, or baking powder?

But really, you won’t  miss the 1 cup of sugar that I was originally going to add to this bread. The bananas have enough sugar content to make up for it. I wish I had some Nutella to smear on a warm slice, luckily, I was out. Butter and honey is pretty wonderful as well.

Dark chocolate chunks are mixed into a moist crumbed bread. Warm with butter, or the next morning for breakfast with peanut butter is drool-worthy.

Some other banana recipes: Banana pots de creme, Nutella and banana crepe cake

If you must add sugar, add 1 cup in the banana/butter mixture, and increase the baking time 15 minutes. But don’t do it, it’s not worth it.

(I know, 2 banana posts in a week, get over it.)

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yogurt pancakes with stewed rhubarb


Moist yogurt pancakes that I topped with whipped cream and sweetened stewed rhubarb. Yogurt to replace the whipped cream would be nice here too, but I ended up using all of the yogurt I had in the batter. I love acidic pancakes, weather it be buttermilk, or yogurt. There is no comparison to pancakes made with milk, there is so much more depth to acidic pancakes. I love the flavor of rhubarb, it’s so bright, and wonderful. One of the best ways to consume rhubarb is just like this, stewed with a little sugar. It makes the perfect topping for nearly anything.

I remember eating mounds of yogurt topped with freshly stewed rhubarb at my grandma’s house on early spring days. To date, that’s one of my favorite breakfasts. Or a decadent dessert, by replacing the yogurt with vanilla ice cream.

Every family has a sort-of iconic dish, or ingredient. I think of rhubarb as ours.

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