white cake with raspberries

20140627-IMG_7275white cake with raspberries and swiss buttercream 20140627-IMG_7277white cake with raspberries and swiss buttercream


Do you guys remember the summer raspberry birthday cake from last year? I made that one for my sister’s 7th birthday, this year she requested the same cake. Well, I have a hard time making the exact same thing twice, afterall any birthday cake should double as a blog post. So I told her that I would make a raspberry cake, but that it would be a little different. The cake last year was good, very good. But I wanted to step it up. One word: frosting. I am rather simple-minded when it comes to making frosting. Normally a cheaters buttercream, but I went all out on this one. Let’s just say I have seem the light and will forever more be making more effort in the frosting department. Read on, reader, learn  the ways of the frosting. This is a Swiss meringue buttercream, apparently another thing the Swiss can do –frosting.

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chocolate peanut butter cupcakes + a puppy

20140612-IMG_7253Choc. Peant Butter Cupcakes20140612-IMG_7260Choc. Peant Butter Cupcakes20140610-IMG_7190meet paddington! Our new goldendoodle mascot!_20140610-IMG_7198meet paddington! Our new goldendoodle mascot!_


I finished my last final last night. The instant relief is something that I will miss once I graduate, as hard as school is that feeling of summer officially being here is unparalleled. I do indeed, have some explaining to do for the reason of being absent, I tend to go on sabbaticals without any warning. But, schools is my priority, as much as I wish this blog could have my 100% attention.

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orange chiffon cake

Orange Chifon Cake madeyedlinblog.com-3Orange Chifon Cake madeyedlinblog.com-2

The other day I tried to make an angel food cake. And I totally bombed it. But it did inspire me to try a chiffon cake, an American invention that pushed the egg to its limit. I added some minced orange zest, and topped it with a vanilla orange whipped cream. Really I was just too lazy to make a real frosting for it. I was really happy with the turn out. It has much more flavor then the angel food, probably because it actually contains fat. But I mean come on, you’re making a cake so fat should be involved.

This week is spring break. I can feel my body letting down, and I can start to think about more then getting good grades. Like food, I can now think about food. It’s funny how when a little mind space opens up food is there to fill it. Anyway, I am so excited to have this week to focus a little more attention on this blog. I do love it so.


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chocolate spice cake with gnash & poached pears

Choc Spice Cake with Poached Pears-2

Obviously this dessert was a joy to photograph. I couldn’t stop taking shots of this beaut. Secondly, I am now obsessed with spiced chocolate.

Choc Spice Cake with Poached Pears-3

Choc Spice Cake with Poached Pears-4

Choc Spice Cake with Poached Pears-2-2Choc Spice Cake with Poached Pears-5

Third and finally, is this my Valentines Day post? I don’t know, I am not a celebrit of the holiday. I still paint my nils black, and go out to a movie solo –and I like it like that. Will I be posting a fluffy pink dessert with a recommendation of serving it with red wine and gazing into the eyes of your significant other on Thursday? Yeah, probably not. Please. Eat chocolate. And be merry, grab a fork and eat this happily alone.

Also some past pear recipes: swaddled pears, pear and blue cheese salad , pear and hazelnut flatbread.

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lemon bunt cake with blueberry streusel

Lemon Blurberry Crumble Cake-2

I’ve been into cake. What a thing to be into. Thank God for cake. The dense crumb offered by a simple cake is sometime more satisfying then a complex French dessert. This was inspired by a coffee shop that was recently found to be walking distance to where I live. They serve a over almond extract infused crumble cake. But even in it’s impurities its so satisfying. I came up with this lemon bunt version, mostly because I needed to use some lemons, and I never use my bunt pan. Careful with this, bake it until you think it’s on the verge of burning. It’s so thick and dense it takes a while to cook though.

Lemon Blurberry Crumble Cake

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coffee picnic (w. yeasted coffee cake)


Why can’t coffee be a picnic? After all it is the best meal of the day. Pack a basket, and hit the hills with a yeasted coffee cake.





I just heard about yeasted cakes from SK, this is my first ever attempt with the concept. So far so good. I love the shape the bunt pan makes with this cake, it’s sturdy and would travel well.





Some yummy links for you:

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Don’t underestimate the amount of time it takes to ice a cake 

NY Times Spring cooking Pinterest board

Feel free to buy me this flatware set in black

I have always loved Not Without Salt, follow her!

James Beard Foundation recipes

Jello recipe! (Lemon & basil, YUM!)



Portland: Macaron class on May 11th!




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cocoanut carrot cake with cinnamon frosting


Ok, I thought I didn’t like carrot cake, UM, WRONG! This little missy loves carrot cake. We got some carrot cake cupcakes for my little brother’s birthday from Trader Joe’s. So I went on this carrot cake kick, yeah, yeah. It’s like I can’t eat anything without trying to make a better version at home. It’s a mental illness.

So here’s the jist. We have a spicy cinnamon cake with a superb moist crumb, and flakes of carrot and cocoanut though out. As if that wasn’t enough we have a buttercream that was taken to the next level with a couple teaspoons of cinnamon. And there you have it, your new best friend.

Do you ever have those mornings when you spend over a half hour looking for the attachment for your mixer when you really should be doing homework? Oh, funny you don’t? I do, well I did this morning anyway. Ah! School! Why do you have to be so time consuming? I just want to cook.

Alas, at this time I must juggle both cooking and {gurrr} school.

Oh, this is totally random. But if you’re interested, you can follow me on Instagram. I post a lot of behind the scene pictures, and other life stuff.

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