holiday cranberry drink

Classic Hot Chocolate


My sister actually developed this recipe. Reduced cranberries with oranges and cinnamon. I love it warm, but it’s wonderful cold too. Not to mention the smell as it simmers on the stove, cinnamon-cranberry bliss! It’s a refreshing change from heavy hot chocolate. It’s also very easy to make in large batches, and keep for parties, or later in the week. You can serve this as soon as it’s reduced, but the flavors deepen if you let it sit overnight. You may need to adjust some of the flavors after you let it simmer too. Just taste, add some sugar if needed, or maybe more orange juice.

2 cups fresh or frozen cranberries

6 cups water

3 cinnamon sticks  (or  3 teaspoons ground cinnamon)

1 orange, cut into 4ths

1/2 cup + 1/4 cup orange juice (about 2 oranges)

Combine everything, except the 1/4 cup orange juice with 6 cups water. Bring everything to a boil, boil for 10 minutes. Cover and let simmer for 1 hour.  Add sugar if needed (it depends on how sweet your cranberries are), and the 1/4 cup orange juice.

Let sit overnight before serving. Serve hot or cold.




chocolate medallions, with fluer de sel & pomegranate

Salted Chocolate Pomegranate Medallions Is everyone feeling sentimental yet? Is the Christmas music and glittering lights making your heart melt a little because of the sentimentality? I know you are, so don’t even try to lie to me. Christmas does that to people, it’s the one time of year where I fell 12 again. We have the tree up, and of course the holiday music blasting 24-7. These are so simple to make, and an explosion of complex flavors. It literally takes a matter of minutes to make a few of these little medallions as I like to call them. I used a semi sweet chocolate, though dark, or even milk chocolate would be fine here. Continue reading

chocolate mint tart

I look forward to Thanksgiving mostly because I officially get to bust out the Christmas music the day after. And get to say “merry Christmas!!” to everyone I encounter without getting weird looks. So let’s kick off the season with chocolate! And mint! And merriment!

This is one of those deceiving desserts that looks way way harder then it is. The hardest part is making sure you remember to use pie weights when baking the crust, as I did not remember. And I ended up with a sunken deformed crust. Oh well, It’s beautiful in it’s imperfections. You can probably actually make a crust that looks good, don’t rub it in, one day I will do it too.

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my (imperfect) pumpkin pie

madeyedlinblog.comI seriously do not know how I have had this blog for so long and never blogged this recipe. Every year I have the intention of blogging the multiple pies I make, but never get the chance to photograph it before it’s consumed. Oh and I busted out the Christmas music while I made this, and confession, I am listening to it while I type this. Dang it! I can’t help it! It’s about that time and I am more excited about the holidays this year then I have been in years.

You want to know the secrete to the best pumpkin pie? Homemade pumpkin puree, and whole cream. My pies are never perfect looking, my crust is made with 100% butter so it’s normally a little deformed (as you can tell in the picture). But the imperfections are worth it, the taste makes up for that by ten fold.

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