photo tip: framing images

There is one pinnacle rule when it comes to framing and cropping an image. If you have ever taken an art class then you have probably heard of the rule of thirds. This is a method used for centuries to draw your eye to the subject of your image (or painting). My favorite thing to do with the rule of thirds is to break it. However, I do more often then not, apply the rule of thirds to the pictures I take. And I urge you to use and practice this rule before ever attempting to break it. I shot everything on the thirds for years to make sure I had the basics down. You have to know the rules before you can break them                 


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photo tip: camera angles

An important aspect of food photography, or any kind of photography, is camera angle. With food though you have to think about what will show off the element of the dish. Does the dish have a glossy top that you want to show off? Or neat layering that you want to be in the spotlight? These are things you need to consider when bringing up the camera to snap the shot.

20130809-RDG_2687                           Quinua Patties (1 of 1)


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photo tip: propping

Propping is something that can make or break food photography. I do use some props, but not a ton –I try to keep it minimal. I think using too many props can look rather artificial and awkward. Some people are amazing with props, they totally enhance the photo. When I started taking photos of food I didn’t know how to prop, so I kept it very minimal. Since then, it’s kind of become a stylistic choice to use simple natural props.


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