whipped coconut cream with balsamic strawberries

balsamic strawberries over whipped coconut cream-2 balsamic strawberries over whipped coconut cream


It’s strawberry season! Let us rejoice! There are so many things you can do with fresh, or even frozen. Strawberries and balsamic is one of my favorite combinations, though jarlsburgh and strawberries are magnificent. This recipe just happens to be paleo, vegan, gluten free, vegetarian, with an option to be sugar free (that’s how I make it for myself, see note). You’re welcome. Though I do eat and blog about a lot of cake and French pastries (ahm, this is where I work). I try to limit my intake of large quanties of diary. Using coconut cream is a refreshing change to the use of heavy cream. Though there is a lot of fat in the coconut cream, the fats that are in the coconut are much better for you then ones you would find in milk.

So read on, foodie, dieter, paleoist, non-gluten-eater I love you all too.

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peach raspberry squares


Morning, friends.

How are all of my lovely readers? Anything crazy happen recently? I have been running around like crazy, adjusting to a new lifestyle. Figuring out a new normal. And mostly living  out of my car. The classic college kid lifestyle going on over here.

But, I made these today. It was a great terrible decision. The pan is almost gone, they probably won’t last the evening. They feature a shortbread crust, moist berries and peaches, and finished with almost a custard top.

So indulge, and transition into new seasons.

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deconstructed strawberry rhubarb pie




Butter, of course. And fruit, of course.

I had actually never had the famous combo of strawberry and rhubarb before, and most defiantly have never made anything containing the magical combination. But the other day the stars aligned, and I made strawberry rhubarb pie. I wanted to make one of those classic fold over stand alone tarts, but with a butter pastry. So I did, and it was brilliant. Boom-chicka-boom-boom.


Some fun things to look at:

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I want this dog.

Build your own pizza oven!



want this kitchen so so so much. And this one too. 

What a lovely way to serve eggs.

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blackberry cream puffs


Eggy shells with sugary-crunchy top, filled with whipped cream what has been spiked with blackberry jam. Um, yes, you did just read that sentence right. I love putting a little kick of something unexpected in the ordinary. Just by looking you would think that those are just normal innocent cream puffed guys. But no! Those are infused with my mother’s homemade blackberry jam. Giving you a chic little number that is sure to impress.


I remember making cream puffs with my grandma when I was little. Every time I make a choux now, I always think of that time in her kitchen: We had just added the flour to the hot milk, and the directions said to cook it until there was a film on the bottom of the pot, and that should take about 3 minutes. Well, ours had a film within a minute. My grandma, leaning over my shoulder and giving the mixture a good stir said, “well aren’t we just ahead of the class”. I don’t know why that one memory stuck in my head above all the other cooking adventures my grandma and I had. So if your choux dough is done before 3 minters, remember you are just ahead of the class.


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swaddled pears with cream, maple, and walnuts


Sometimes I have good ideas. Wrapping pears in pastry was one of my good ideas. It’s further proof that you really can wrap anything in pastry and turn it into one of those, “oh my, why is this so amazing?”, kind of dishes. I got the idea from this cafe, though what I actually ended up doing was far, far from the original idea. It’s basic, yet has a showy quality about it. Just a basic pastry wrapped around a half of a pear, baked until golden, then topped with the luscious combination of whipped cream and maple syrup, to add a crunch I tossed on some walnuts.

Oh how they got their name. I was making them, and my mom said, “Oh, I didn’t think you would be swaddling the pears. How cute.” Hence swaddled pears, I think it’s quite an appropriate name. (My mother is kind of a all things baby nerd)

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