Well, Hello There

BW from MarianBlogs are funny thing, aren’t they? Something that many of us had at one point, most acting as journals from our high school (or, scariest of all, before high school) days. This little section of the Internet always brought me so much joy, but since I abandoned it  much like how I abandon a cold cup of coffee that sits there for a painful amount of time before I walk it to the kitchen, it has acted as a reminder of what was and what could have been.

I ran this blog through my high school and early college days a time when school was a part time job. But when I decided to transfer to a more selective university I had to eliminate things from my life that were taking up too much time, and this blog was one of them. But isn’t it funny how life can bring you full circle?

Here I am a fresh college graduate, and transplant to California, but one thing has stayed the same: I still cook all the time.

I don’t know what the future holds, everything seems so uncertain right now. I can’t make any promises for multiple posts a week, consistency is something that is lacking in everything I do right now. All I know is that I am back, and it feels a lot like coming home.

Cheers for now, dear ones, I look forward to renewed adventures in the kitchen with you.

(Photo credit: Marian Solano)

chocolate peanut butter cupcakes + a puppy

20140612-IMG_7253Choc. Peant Butter Cupcakes20140612-IMG_7260Choc. Peant Butter Cupcakes20140610-IMG_7190meet paddington! Our new goldendoodle mascot!_20140610-IMG_7198meet paddington! Our new goldendoodle mascot!_


I finished my last final last night. The instant relief is something that I will miss once I graduate, as hard as school is that feeling of summer officially being here is unparalleled. I do indeed, have some explaining to do for the reason of being absent, I tend to go on sabbaticals without any warning. But, schools is my priority, as much as I wish this blog could have my 100% attention.

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announcing facebook and etsy pages!

Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 12.02.44 PM


I am super excited to share new expanpantions of the blog! Recently I opened a Facebook page to easily keep up with new posts and giveaways. I have also been working on an Etsy shop so you can easily buy prints though etsy. Flat rate of $10 for a 8×10, and it’s an instant download so it’s super simple and fast. So if you would, please give my Facebook page a like and the Etsy shop a glance!








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Uganda bound!

Hello friends!


Just wanted to let you all know that I am going on a trip to Uganda for about 10 days, to photograph a family that is adopting FOUR kids from there!. So you can expect a break in postings. I should be back on the 25th, with stories!


Thanks Dear Readers,



personal: a note on travel

To kick off my pictures from my recent trip to Europe. I am going to share a poem I wrote on a layover on my way home. Maybe then you can understand my love affair with this funny thing called travel:


a poem.

What is it about planes, trains, boats, and cars that becons me so?

Why when I book that ticket to a far off land my hear is heigher then a jet plane?

Born traveler, you say? I have tasted the wine of wander. The rush of a foreign winds, the heat of Roman a summer.


And, you can’t take away my wander. I am wanderer. People tell me to grow roots, to settle. But they have never felt the rush of a far off sea; for if they had, they would understand. I am wanderer, you can’t take it our of me.






You can’t take it

out of me.




personal: getting ready for europe!


Guess what?

I am headed out to Europe tomorrow! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!

I am going with the photography school where I have attended classes, and cooked for students.

We are doing a photo tour of England and France (!!) And for a few days after my friend and I will be going back to Italy for a few days to play around in Rome. (We met back o my last photo tour in Italy past year.)

Cheers for now, from a very excited girl.