my (imperfect) pumpkin pie

madeyedlinblog.comI seriously do not know how I have had this blog for so long and never blogged this recipe. Every year I have the intention of blogging the multiple pies I make, but never get the chance to photograph it before it’s consumed. Oh and I busted out the Christmas music while I made this, and confession, I am listening to it while I type this. Dang it! I can’t help it! It’s about that time and I am more excited about the holidays this year then I have been in years.

You want to know the secrete to the best pumpkin pie? Homemade pumpkin puree, and whole cream. My pies are never perfect looking, my crust is made with 100% butter so it’s normally a little deformed (as you can tell in the picture). But the imperfections are worth it, the taste makes up for that by ten fold.

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