CBT (Corn, Bacon, And Tomato)

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Just like that summer is over, well at least it is wrapping up for most of us. Here is San Diego you have to be looking for the subtle signs of fall, the way the light has changed ever so slightly to be just a little more golden during the day; the harsh yellow light of the long summer days has faded. The mornings are gloriously chilly and last into early afternoon.

But this has been my favorite little summer side dish that I came up with when the corn is became 5 for $1 at the grocery store, and the tomatoes are bursting with flavor. Just three ingredients and even better the next day atop a glorious green salad.

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summer veggie stack

20140812-IMG_153420140812-IMG_1536Late summer dishes are all about simplicity. Raw veggies fresh from the garden, olive oil and salt. The best thing about summer is indeed the produce that is readily available. Tomatoes are just coming into their state of perfection, because really they aren’t worth eating any other time of the year. Not to mention the basil that is coming in our CSA boxes so it’s no longer a treat, but a staple. Here tomatoes, cucumber, and green beans are seasoned, cut and stacked into a chic little dish. Something that takes 15 minutes to make, but would be an impressive starter to any meal.

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salad lyonnaise

salad lyonnaise_salad lyonnaise_-2

I have had salad lyonnaise a couple of times. Normally, it’s so acidic, and the croutons are sub-par. But I am reading Mastering the Art of French Eating and am currently on the Lyon–salad lyonnaise chapter. And hearing Ann talk about the salad made me want to try to create a more authentic version of the iconic lunch. And I must say I was so happy with the result. It is a little more involved then your average salad, but it’s French, why would you think it would be simple? I didn’t add and croutons to my salad, they were not needed. But feel free to add if you would like!

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the winter salad

The Winter Salad

I don’t post many salads, if you’ve been reading here a while, you know that. Normally I feel that salads aren’t deserving of a recipe. But this I need to share with you. It gives a wink to the gloomy time of year, but is shinning on the possibilities of the coming seasons. It’s light and refreshing, something that is hard to come by these January days.The Winter Salad-2

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pear and blue cheese salad



Photo used with permission from Foodnetwork.com

Hey guys! In celebration of Thanksgiving foodnetwork.com is sending out recipes to bloggers to help create a smooth and successful Thanksgiving. I chose this from a smorgasbord of recipes, I thought that you all wold enjoy it. A spin on what you may think of as a classic Thanksgiving salad recipe — a little more chic then normal.

What are you guy’s plans for Thanksgiving? Are you the kinds of people that do the same recipes and dished every year, no matter what you cannot change it? Thats my family, we are not allowed to change anything about Thanksgiving dinner. I set the table, I have actually never done more then mashed the potatoes for our dinner. Maybe one day I will be allowed to actually make a dish for Thanksgiving, but for now I just make food and tell you to make them for your Thanksgiving dinner.

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spinach, cheddar & apple salad with lemon


The title of this recipe may be a bit deceiving, cheddar and apple are my main flavors, we also have some grape tomato, chia, and snow peas. Dressed with a white balsamic dressing. I also ended up tossing some roasted chicken on it last minute. The drizzle of lemon, adds just the right amount of flavor.

I don’t know what my problem is, this is the second salad recipe I have posted in, what, a week? And guess what? I ordered a salad today when I went our to lunch. I’m so grown up.

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broccoli and blueberry slaw (mayo free)


Have I ever told you how much I HATE mayo? Oh, I have? Well, sorry you will hear it again. I really do HATE it. Why does it smell like that? And do you even know what’s in it? I have even tried to make homemade a couple of times, but every time it breaks, and is ruined. So, apparently it hates me too. But I’m ok with that.

Anyway about this recipe…

Crisp broccoli and carrot is tossed with dried blueberries, giving it a wonderful sweet surprise. Dressed in a sweet-acidic dressing and topped with crunchy almond slices. This would be a perfect paper plate BBQ side dish.

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