summer veggie stack

20140812-IMG_153420140812-IMG_1536Late summer dishes are all about simplicity. Raw veggies fresh from the garden, olive oil and salt. The best thing about summer is indeed the produce that is readily available. Tomatoes are just coming into their state of perfection, because really they aren’t worth eating any other time of the year. Not to mention the basil that is coming in our CSA boxes so it’s no longer a treat, but a staple. Here tomatoes, cucumber, and green beans are seasoned, cut and stacked into a chic little dish. Something that takes 15 minutes to make, but would be an impressive starter to any meal.

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butter lemon roasted cauliflower

roasted califlower cauliflower


I kind of always thought of cauliflower as a throwaway vegetable. It was flavorless and a little weird. It is like it wants to be like it’s cool green friend broccoli, but never made it. Lately, I have unofficially been trying to make vegetables more glamours; in order to make myself eat more of the good stuff. How do you make something as mundane as cauliflower beautiful and into one of the best side-dishes you will ever eat? Butter, of course, silly question. This recipe is wonderful, and super easy. It makes such a great side dish.

Couple of things, I like to serve mine with ricotta spiked with paprika and garlic salt. And, if you wanted to sprinkle 1/4 cup greater parmazen on before baking that is wonderful too.

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dandelion fritters

dandelion fritters madeyedlinblog.comdandelion fritters

I love wild things. With things that pop up in the front yard, wild people that chase their dreams, and  wild children with wild hair. It’s spring and the wild things seem to be everywhere, and it renews the wildness that lives inside of me that I was never able to put out. Something about that fresh spring breeze that is wafting in though the slider door as I do my math homework. It’s melting that darkness of winter from life. I am so desperately ready for long summer days, and warm nights to live the adventures of my 20th year in.

Did I mention that? I had my 20th birthday a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t end up posting a cake recipe, because we ended up celebrating with a store-bought chocolate beaut that did the job nicely. It was a simple celebration with the best people. I have been contemplating what this year needs to look like, I have a foggy idea, but then again I have no idea. Everything seems so temporary, and easily changed. I love that.

To celebrate the change of season, wild things, and the beauty of temporariness, make dandelion fritters, they are a nice change from the normal pancake/fritters in your life. (You could totally make these bigger and serve them as pancakes)

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onion rings with blackberry jam

Onion rings with blackberry jam rings with blackberry jam

I have only fried something one other time in my life. I think it was a Fijian doughnut that I made after returning from the island last November. I was feeling up the challenge, and ready to try that whole deep-frying thing again. I am glad with the result, onion rings with a good light coating, fried in grape seed oil. But the whole process kind of grossed me out. I could feel my skinny jeans getting tighter as I poured, poured, and poured oil into my pot. I’m not saying that this recipe isn’t worth making, on the contrary –if you’re up to deep frying. This whole thing got the fried bug out of me, I will now be returning to making lentils and eating artisan bread, please and thank you.

The real hero, and “ah hah!” moment of this whole ordeal was serving the onion rings with blackberry jam. Kind of a weird idea, I never would have come up with it, except there was a pot of the jam simmering next to my splattering vessel of oil. One dip of the slightly tangy ring into the sweet jam made a great surprise. It was a refreshing change from the normal mayo based sauce served with onion rings. It adds a little touch of sophistication to a greasy diner recipe.

Oh and please invest in a good thermometer, I’m pretty sure that’s the only reason these came out so well.

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pear and blue cheese salad


Photo used with permission from

Hey guys! In celebration of Thanksgiving is sending out recipes to bloggers to help create a smooth and successful Thanksgiving. I chose this from a smorgasbord of recipes, I thought that you all wold enjoy it. A spin on what you may think of as a classic Thanksgiving salad recipe — a little more chic then normal.

What are you guy’s plans for Thanksgiving? Are you the kinds of people that do the same recipes and dished every year, no matter what you cannot change it? Thats my family, we are not allowed to change anything about Thanksgiving dinner. I set the table, I have actually never done more then mashed the potatoes for our dinner. Maybe one day I will be allowed to actually make a dish for Thanksgiving, but for now I just make food and tell you to make them for your Thanksgiving dinner.

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broccoli and blueberry slaw (mayo free)

Have I ever told you how much I HATE mayo? Oh, I have? Well, sorry you will hear it again. I really do HATE it. Why does it smell like that? And do you even know what’s in it? I have even tried to make homemade a couple of times, but every time it breaks, and is ruined. So, apparently it hates me too. But I’m ok with that.

Anyway about this recipe…

Crisp broccoli and carrot is tossed with dried blueberries, giving it a wonderful sweet surprise. Dressed in a sweet-acidic dressing and topped with crunchy almond slices. This would be a perfect paper plate BBQ side dish.

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strawberry & cream salad with white balsamic dressing

I think this is the first salad recipe I have ever posted. I am not much of a salad girl, though as I get a little older, the appeal of ordering a salad at lunch date with friends does often win over a heavy order of fries. Trying to eat more salads, trying to read more, you know all things that are good for you. The journey of growing up.

20130329-IMG_3556madeyedlinblog.comSome friends of our brought a balsamic, strawberry, and spinach salad a few summers ago for a mid-summer dinner. That was my first interaction with the combination of balsamic and strawberries. What a magical pair they make. This is my own spin on that salad. Featuring chunks of brie, and a spin on the classic balsamic vingerette.

This salad features strawberries, chunks of brie, toasted walnuts, chia, and a perfect white balsamic dressing. The strawberries and the brie on the same fork-full create this grown up kind of cream and strawberries.

For your weekend:20000328-Macaron

Look at this! My best friend sent me a macaron themed birthday gift. I am obsessed with this macaron pill box. She also made(!) me macaron coasters.

You can order custom made macaron coasters from this etsy shop.

These reusable herb bags are adorable.

If you live in Portland. I love the coffee shop Stirling, in the Pearl District. It’s the kind of coffee shop you feel like you’ll run into JGL while journaling in the corner table.

Del Popolo is a mobile pizzeria in San Fran. Beautiful! (via Oh Joy!)

Holy waffle cake!! (via Cupcakes and Cashmere)

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