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Salzburg was amazing. We arrived from large, and seemingly sterile Vienna with a sigh of relief for the small vintage feel of Salzburg. Cozy and woodsie, whittled away in the mountains, this was the perfect little town. I spent the days strolling from cafe to cafe and shopping for shoes and hats along the beautiful streets. Some of my favorite memories here made in Salzburg including, eating at the oldest resultant in Europe, and doing a diy Sound of Music tour (here are some pictures of that from my sister). I highly recommend Salzburg! Keep your eye out for some cafe recommendations from Salzburg coming in the next few months!

you must eat here: Icezeit Crêperie-Cafe, Priesterhausgasse 2, Salzburg, Austria

20131031-cafe ice ii 20131031-Cafe ice

I happened upon this cafe on a walk with a friend on our first evening in Salzburg. We were both in need of a caffeine stop, and this was the first place we stopped, and instantly fell in love. The atmosphere was an epic clash of modern European with a nod to the traditional. The stack of wood outside the window was offset by stiff white leather booths. It felt woodsie and cozy with a young and fresh twist.

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I got back to The States on Friday, ah, what a trip! I am excited to share photos of the places I visited as well as some of the food that I enjoyed! Working on getting over jet leg now. I worked a long shift at the bakery the morning after getting home, exhausting! The transition home is always hard for me. Normally it takes me a few days to stop pouting about having to leave the beautiful places I visited –this trip is no different. I will be listening to this song to console my acing heart.



sticky toffee pudding & things i love


If you’ve been reading the blog for a while you know about my infatuation with England. My 2 trips to there are testimony to that. Though my sister gets the honor of being stopped in airpots asking if she has any relation to Kate Middleton, I like to remind her that Kate is not a princess. She’s still just a Duchess. Though when Pippa (Kate’s little sister) released her book based on food and entertaining, I thought maybe we really are leading parreal lives with the Middletons. Oh how I wish that were true. Wouldn’t that mean I end up with Harry?



That whole rant on the Royal Family is to say: sticky toffee pudding is a classic British dessert. I had it several times when I was in England, and the moist cake with a great carmen sauce is divine. This turned out pretty darn good if I do say so. Though I probably would have enjoyed it better with a view of Big Ben, or possibly tucked in a small cafe in Oxford.

Also, I have to admit, this recipe is tweaked from “Kate’s favorite sticky toffee pudding recipe

Here are a few of the things that give beauty to my everyday life:

20130403-Sticky Toffee

My avocado plant that I started from a seed nearly 3 years ago + some store bought flowers that got a wild makeover from a few roadside weeds.

My littlest brother mid-nap.  (Some photos of him at 24 hours old)

20130403-Sticky Some broken sunglasses from Paris that now grace my bookshelf (Ruhlman’s Twenty and Sprouted Kitchen shown) . Currently reading Les Miserables.

Some British & foodie links:

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Of course, Pippa Middleton’s book

A whole food and vegetarian blog, Cookie + Kate 

The Mayflower Pub is where I had my last British Sticky Toffee Pudding.

Love this blog name: The Crepes of Wrath (!)

A guide to dim sum

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Uganda bound!

Hello friends!


Just wanted to let you all know that I am going on a trip to Uganda for about 10 days, to photograph a family that is adopting FOUR kids from there!. So you can expect a break in postings. I should be back on the 25th, with stories!


Thanks Dear Readers,