you must eat here: cafe sprüngli. bahnhofstrasse 2 zürich, switzerland

zurich1020131021-IMG_6094  20131021-IMG_6099

Honestly, this place is like the royalty of chocolate shops in Zurich. And it’s so expensive. I could only afford two truffles and a couple of dark chocolate bars to bring back to friends in the states. My sister and I had every intention of eating lunch in the Sprüngli cafe, but after looking over the menu, it was decided it was just too pricy. I’m sure the cafe is wonderful, but if your working on a little bit of a budget, just grab the best truffle you will ever have from the chocolate chop at Sprüngli.

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you must eat here: Icezeit Crêperie-Cafe, Priesterhausgasse 2, Salzburg, Austria

20131031-cafe ice ii 20131031-Cafe ice

I happened upon this cafe on a walk with a friend on our first evening in Salzburg. We were both in need of a caffeine stop, and this was the first place we stopped, and instantly fell in love. The atmosphere was an epic clash of modern European with a nod to the traditional. The stack of wood outside the window was offset by stiff white leather booths. It felt woodsie and cozy with a young and fresh twist.

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you must {drink} here: stirling proper I 21st Glisan st.


Stirling is currently my favorite coffee house. It’s a small little location — just 50 square feet. Chic to the max. Coffee house by day and wine bar by night. Stirling features chic little tables, classy music, white tablecloths, baristas in crisp shirts and ties, and fantastic coffee. Wearing a Burberry shirt and journaling while sipping on a espresso and mineral water is acceptable and encouraged.

(Ratings done on a scale of 1-5, 1 being, “ok, I mean it’s fine.” 5 being, “oh, wow. Just wow.”)

Name: Stirling Proper

Location: NW Glisan

What I have: Cappuccino

Atmosphere: Chic, crisp

Pastry rating: 4

Food rating: 3

Coffee rating: 5

Favorite things: Decore, coffee, macaroons, staff.

Wait for a table: None.

you must eat here: saint honore | thurman st. nw portland

We wondered into St. Honore on 23rd and Thurman for my birthday a few weeks ago. Honestly, I didn’t have very high expectations. I was so completely shocked by how authentic the cafe was at first glance. It was like walking into a cafe on the streets of Paris. My first order of business was to give St. Honore the pain au chocolat test. If the pastry is comparable to the ones I have had in Paris, then they live up to their French name. St. Honore knocked it out of the park. Everything I have eaten there is unbelievably French. I came back to St. Honore with my sister and grandparents for lunch. I ordered this salad, it was so beautiful, and the balance of flavors was devine. Weather you go to this bistro for a quick pastry and coffee, or lunch, you will not be disappointed. done on a scale of 1-5, 1 being, “ok, I mean it’s fine.” 5 being, “oh, wow. Just wow.”)

Name: St. Honore, Boulangrie 

Location: NW Thurman St, Portland, OR

What I ate: Salad Lyonnaise with poached eggs served with a crusty seeded baguette, pain au chocolat, cappuccino

Atmosphere: So completely French bistro.

Bread rating: 4

Pastry rating: 5

Food rating: 4

Coffee rating: 3

Favorite things: The atmosphere is probably one of my favorite things about this cafe. The pastries –oh. I have yet to find a better pastry in America

Wait for a table: Hard to get a table if you’re going to stay for lunch. It’s all fend for yourself. So be prepared to stand around the edges of the cafe to wait for people to clear out. But you can always just grab something from the pastry case and coffee to-go.