the winter salad

The Winter Salad

I don’t post many salads, if you’ve been reading here a while, you know that. Normally I feel that salads aren’t deserving of a recipe. But this I need to share with you. It gives a wink to the gloomy time of year, but is shinning on the possibilities of the coming seasons. It’s light and refreshing, something that is hard to come by these January days.The Winter Salad-2

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spinach, cheddar & apple salad with lemon

The title of this recipe may be a bit deceiving, cheddar and apple are my main flavors, we also have some grape tomato, chia, and snow peas. Dressed with a white balsamic dressing. I also ended up tossing some roasted chicken on it last minute. The drizzle of lemon, adds just the right amount of flavor.

I don’t know what my problem is, this is the second salad recipe I have posted in, what, a week? And guess what? I ordered a salad today when I went our to lunch. I’m so grown up.

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