have fun today…

after you are done with your chores and school and your everyday stuff to do, and have a little while to kill, have some fun, relax, create, be your self, and enjoy the day.

*go for a walk see things that you would not normally see.
*bake cookies, turn on some good jazz, and over romantisise everything!
*play with your brothers sisters have fun, pick flowers do what ever they like to do.
* paint a picture be creative, lots of colors, mabiey some George Winston?
* make dinner, cook something great.
*take pictures go out side and see things through the view finder that you never saw even though you passed by it a thousand times.

sorry about the photos not being up I have not had a memory card for my camera soon I will get one and photos will be posted!
top row of photos taken by Jocelyn Elise (jocelynelise.com)